Honest work?

A comment in my previous post needs replying to I think. It seems someone thinks I should seek out "more honest" employment and just leave Solo and his friends alone especially since I'm supposedly "free of employment". Let Solo go? Let a contract (either present or former) walk, just because I don't feel like nailing him? Not very likely, let me explain;

A man like myself is never free of employment, I'm the most sought after bounty hunter in the galaxy and I'm not the sort to walk away from a challenge or a stack of credits.

It's interesting you offer to have my "record" wiped clean, as it implies you have some sort of credentials with Corsec that would allow you to do so. That makes you very likely to be a corporate weasel as far as I'm concerned, connected in business and ready to let others do the work while you take the money. Now while I can relate to the desire for fame and money (yes, I have a lot of both), I can't relate to anyone who sits inside their whole lives getting others to do the dirty work for them. I do my own dirty work, and I don't like corporate.

As for looking for "more honest work" and letting that shithead Solo get away with no repercussions? Neither is going to happen. I look a man in the eyes when I kill him, so he knows who did it.. if not why. I can't think of a single more honest profession than that. I am dearly looking forward to doing so with Solo.

Now enough about that. Perhaps one of your competitors will have some work for me sometime in the future, and I'll come see you in person... until then...

On a side note, you might be interested to know that Jabba was still alive after Solo and his crew ran off to hide. After Dengar found me lying otuside the Sarlaac we wandered around for a bit looking over the remains his the Sail Barge for anything worth taking. We were both a little surprised to find Jabba inside it's smashed remains, barely alive. It appeared someone had tried to choke him to death but all they managed to do was make him pass out for lack of air. Obviously an amateur as anyone in the business knows you've got to go on strangling someone for a good while after they stop moving to make sure the job is done. Especially a fat bastard like Jabba.

Regardless, he wasn't in very good shape when we found him and all he could do was lay there looking pathetic begging for help. He offered us money and goods if we saved him, but by that point I was just pissed off. If I wanted anything he had I could just take it, and I did, to compensate me for the trouble of the day. So my day ended up pretty good despite everything, while Jabba's day ended decidedly differently.

Remember I said the Sarlaac stunk inside? That was nothing compared to Jabba's innards.


Blogger Dog face said...

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Anonymous Jodo Kast said...

Jabba is still alive?! i was kinda relieved that he was dead. Jabba is a HE right??


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