Guilt, or the lack of it

I've been getting a lot of good questions lately both via email, and in the comments here on the site. I'll address them one at a time starting with the following from an anonymous commenter;

"When you're about to kill something, do you ever feel a twinge of guilt? If a person feels this, should they consider getting out of the business? How can you overcome such an emotion?"

If you are prone to the affliction known as guilt, then you're definitely not cut out for my line of work. That said however, there should be a distinction made here. Being a bounty hunter doesn't mean you HAVE to kill things, but rather it means you have to kill OR capture who or whatever it is as laid out in the contract. By and large a far higher percentage of bounty hunting work out there involves the retrieval of a given being from point A (where they are) to point B (where someone else wants them... jail/court etc). This is largely because most bounty hunters out there aren't nearly as awesome and inspirational as I am. People write songs about me for crying out loud. If you only pursue things that far, the guilt issue really isn't much of a concern. So, while the killing aspect of the business is somewhat optional in that you can simply chose not to take those jobs, from my point of view that's very much like having sex and not getting to make a deposit at the sperm bank. If you take my meaning.

If you want to be the real deal (often referred to as Bounty Hunter as opposed to bounty hunter... note the upper/lower case) then killing part is absolutely essential. I find it so important to the essence of what my job is for two main reasons.

The first, and most important is that beings who are not either a) in fear for their life or b) dead... can be a real bitch to deal with. Suppose you have to bring a large Wookie back to Coruscant for questioning. You fly yourself all the way to Kashyyk, and hunt around the wilderness for who knows how long until you finally find him. By that time you're tired, lagged for the time difference from Coruscant and not in the best of moods. This large Wookie on the other hand might well have been relaxing or working out the entire time, and just waiting for you to stumble in to "capture" him. Do you suppose he's going to be inclined to come along peacefully? Not bloody likely, meaning you now have to somehow restrain this big bastard and drag his giant ass back to your ship. THEN you have to hope he stays restrained on the long flight back to Coruscant and get him to where he needs to go on the surface. Add to all that the grief of feeding the damned thing, to say nothing of the fact that Wookies shit a lot and you get the general idea. Bringing a captured being or creature in to claim a contract is just a lot of damned work.

The second reason is simply that for me, I rather enjoy the killing. It was always like that for me, perhaps because I'm a clone of my Dad and he was a real hard ass. I'm not sure, but in my experience killing something is as rewarding (credit-wise) as it is enjoyable. There's just something about popping some idiot in the face with a blaster that really gets my blood going. Call me crazy.

So, if you want to be a real Bounty Hunter... the killing is very important, and if you deal with any pangs of guilt I'd suggest you take up herbalism or become a librarian or something.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm pulling into Dathomir to go Rancor hunting. I'll answer some more questions next time.


Blogger The Editor said...

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Anonymous Vork the Terrible said...

Guilt? What is this guilt? Is it some form of cabbage?

Blogger Darth Sidious said...

sir david:
Surely you don't think that one as esteemed as the Bounty Hunter needs to deal with such frivlous frills?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rancor hunting? What for?

Blogger Boba Fett said...

For the sheer unadulterated joy of it. I guy can't survive on work along you know, there's got to be some play time in there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boba, how come you don't fall over with all that crap on? The jetpack looks heavy.

Is it hot in your suit?

Regards, Jodo Kast.

Anonymous vork the terrible said...

Same reason why stormtroopers don't fall over in their armor (often). Do something enough (IE, don't skip training like some stormtroopers have shown a habit of doing), and you develop muscles in places you never knew you could build them. This keeps your fearsome but heavy armor from pulling you down.

Almost any good armor suit these days comes with climate control. Though one time, I had this suit of Corellian battle armor with a malfunctioning atmospheric regulator... hoo boy. I was sweating like a Gamorrean for an entire boarding action. Which normally isn't very long, but we were hitting a Frigate this time... Anyway. That sucker was smelling pretty ripe when I took it off. Three of my techs passed out before we had the good sense to send in a Wookie to hose it down, and I never quite have gotten the stink out of the padding.


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