Han Solo and my "tendencies"

ok, lets clear a few things up. This venue for my thoughts has so far done little aside from stir up a lot of questions I'd just rather not be bothered thinking about. Due to several communications I've received, here are a couple of the most popular;

Do you respect Han Solo as a person?

As a person? What kind of stupid question is that anyway? I mean it's not like he and I are engaged or anything, and even if we were our relationship would likely not last long. Sure, I can admit to occassionally thinking that he's got a certain flair, and yes perhaps a particular brand of rugged charm that works too often in his favor, but beyond that... respect? Please. I want the man dead, it's as simple as that. You'll take note of the fact that I said I want him dead. Yes, I've got more than one contract on him as it is so there are many beings who want to see the last of this guy. What's different about Solo is that I personally want him dead too. A long time ago there was a bit of a scene between the two of us just before I was offered the first contract on his life. As is often said, good times lead to drinking... drinking leads to overindulgence... overindulgence leads to bad decision making... and bad decision making can lead to uncomfortable circumstances. All that said, I will not be dragged into sorting out the particulars, but let it be said that I have a very personal stake in seeing Solo's head on a dick.

Are you gay?

At first I didn't even want to justify this with a response, but the damned communications have just kept coming so here we are. How many of you would ask this question of me in person I wonder? Likely not many if you were smart, or after you saw what I did to the first to ask but seeing as how this is a relatively anonymous venue you people just won't leave me alone. Gay? Me? Please. I'm Boba damned Fett for crying out loud. I'm a hard-bitten galaxy faring bounty hunter, feared and renowned across more systems than most have ever heard of. I've tracked and killed everything from the biggest, nastiest creatures to the highest ranking political figures and through it all held my sense of purpose as well as my determination to just look damn good doing what I do. I think I've carried this all off pretty well if you ask me, and at this point my reputation should pretty much speak for itself. Gay? As they say on Meridian-4... puh-leeze.

That's about all I have to say on these subjects. Now lets get away from the Secret-Solo-Saga and the gayness and more into some questions about other aspects of my life, and how damned awesome I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are pretty damned awesome, Boba.

Here's another question or two for you (I inquired earlier about the Rancors and guilt):

What's your favorite thing about Bounty Hunting?

What's your favorite bit of your armor/weaponry/suit?

Anonymous Kohrak said...

Here's a question I heard on another message board.

How many 5 year old children could you defeat while unarmed? What is the maximum number before they all just swarm you and feast upon your sweatmeats?

Blogger Comrade Kenny said...

Yup. You're awesome. And cool.

Anyhoohow, what was your best hunt?

What will you do with all your credits once you get Han Solo? The rewards you'll get from having multiple contracts on Hans would be enormous.

Blogger kira_hibiki said...

Yes. Your evidence supporting your heterosexuality is irrefutable. Forgive me for doubting your manly bounty-hunting cajones.

I also have a question:

If, hypothetically, you were asked to take a bounty out on yourself, what would you do?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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