The three legged race

Here's a question I got in a comment recently;

Suppose for some incredibly insane and non-logical reason, you were involved in a three legged race. And lets say that three legged race involved the cast of characters such as the likes of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and Chewbaka. Assuming you are not allowed to cheat and murder your opponents, and also assuming you follow that rule, which of those people would you choose as your three-legged race partner in order to win the race?

For one thing, killing your opponents in any aspect of life isn't cheating. Often, it's just smartest move you can make, but I'll play along here. Who would I want as a partner in a three legged race? Lets break it down;

Han Solo - It has been suggested here and elsewhere that I have a grudging respect for Solo, so I'm sure many people might assume I'd chose him because of that. In all honesty, he'd be my last choice. Solo has been one of my longest standing contracts and being strapped to the man without being "allowed" to kill him, would simply eat me up inside. Knowing me I'd find some excuse to lose the race then blame him, thus giving me 100% justification to shoot him in the face. Not that I need justification mind you, but still.

Chewbacca - Definitely not, for two reasons. One is that he's so closely tied to Solo that I just couldn't take it. The other reason was mentioned in a prior post of mine. To put it bluntly, Wookies shit a lot and when they're not shitting they're stinking for related reasons, or new reasons altogether. Always with the stinking those guys. The stench alone would likely deprive me of oxygen such that I'd be unable to compete. No Wookie.

Luke Skywalker - Big Mr. Jedi. I can't stand that little puke. The look on his face alone makes me want to put a hole in him and no doubt he'd be doing force powers on this, or Jedi mind tricks on that... please... just tie the strap and run the damned race. Added to this is the fact that Jedi killed my father way back when and I've just got plenty of reasons to not want to be tied to one. A therapist once told me I should try and emote more, and work through my hatred of Jedi in order to become a more peaceful person. I shot him in the stomach and let him bleed to death in his own office. Stupid Jedi.

Darth Vader - Now Vader and me go back a bit and he'd be a great choice. Sure his left leg acts up on him now and again, and he's not as spry as he used to be but that black bastard can really get busy with things when he has too. That being said I don't think I'd pick him for a three legged race mainly because I don't think he'd make a good partner. Being a team player just isn't the Dark Lord's strong suit. Plus, he's rather pushy when it comes right down to it, and since I assume a part of this three legged race would be to have fun, I think Vader would dampen that whole thing for me. Being bossed around just makes me cranky. That and the fact that he'd no doubt be to occupied crushing peoples tracheas with his mind and all. He loves that stuff.

Princess Leia - This is the last one on the list, and she'd most definitely be my choice. I'm not sure how fast she can run, and I've got no idea how coordinated she is for this sort of race but let me tell you... of all the people in the list above that I'd like to strap on, I'd pick her. I remember seeing her on Jabba's Sail Barge awhile back and damned if she wasn't looking good. She was wearing this tiny little metal bikini sort of affair and I'll tell you, I wasn't the only one there with a steamed up visor. I think Jabba was even getting off on staring at her and as is widely know, he was homosexual.

So there you have it. Three legged race or not, I'll tie myself up with Leia anytime.


Anonymous Kohrak said...

Wow! Thanks for answering my question like that! You are most assuredly THE best Bounty-Hunter in the galaxy.

Now, I don't want you to associate this comment with me, but I recently showed your blog to my younger brother. We got to talking about how you had accused Han Solo of homosexual acts and also Jabba. My brother said:

"You know, he seems to call a lot of people gay. Almost like he's hiding something."

I don't know what he's implying you're hiding, but I do think he just called you a gay. Those darn college kids!

Anyway, if you want to come out here and do something fun like making him eat a thermal detanator, feel free. Just don't mess up my Mom's house. Or me. Or the family pets. But to be honest, I probably couldn't even cover the gas money for you to get here. We're a-ways out.

How'd the Rankor hunting go?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you understand that Hutts are Hermaphrodites right? they are born male, and at some point in their life they turn into females so they can reproduce.

they can't be homosexual.

you seem to project that trait onto a lot of people. Do you find that signifigant?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you've got your storyline backwards, dude!

Blogger Boba Fett said...

Lets just say I'm *quite* sure Jabba is indeed homosexual. No kidding, and I just don't want to talk about it.

- Fett

Anonymous Anonymous said...

first hand experience huh?

Blogger kira_hibiki said...

You never...actually... answered the question posed by Kohrak... do you have something to hide? In your... closet, perhaps?

I know that you just spent a paragraph telling us how delicious Leia looked in that bikini (damn right, too) but mightn't you be playing on both sides? You are a Bounty Hunter, after all...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

though he didn't exactly say what he liked about leia, maybe he just liked the outfit and wondered where he could get one.

Anonymous Vork the Terrible said...

You made the right choice, but remember that such a race would be a gathering of your enemies. Make sure to stuff an extra icepak in the codpiece of your armor, to protect against a dangerous hormonal condition we pirates know as "wrongheaded thinking."

It could prove to be a dangerous distraction during the race, allowing your adversaries to kill you, or immediately after when you take your revenge in the grandest fashion.

Still the right choice though. A friend of mine once told me this: The greatest thing in life is to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and do the humpty-dance with their women. Truer words were never spoken.

Hey, I'm a space pirate, what'd ya expect?


Blogger mario said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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